I recently found out about Keybase. From what I gather, it’s a way to allow one to associate their PGP public key with their Twitter, Github, etc (only Twitter and Github are supported at this time, it seems). At first I thought it required you to trust Keybase, but after playing with it a little I realized that the keybase client actually does the verification. Basically, you post a signed message to your Github and Twitter which says what your username on that service is, your username on Keybase is, and that this is your key. Have a look at my Github verification for an example.

I filed two issues on Github which were promptly dealt with. I filed one late at night and it got resolved the next morning, filed another later that day which got resolved within the hour. Additionally, invites seemed to flow in as I filed issues, although that may have been concidence. At the time of this writing I have a few invites, might be willing to give some out.

The concept seems pretty interesting, I’ll be interested to watch how it develops. Some people on IRC were talking about building a fully-decentralized version of it with a blockchain, which might be cool if it ever materializes (so far no actual code as been written as far as I know).

I’ve also gotten into PGP use and stuff, as in harassing my friends to use it finally and using a desktop mail client instead of the Gmail web interface.