Following a recent discussion on IRC, I’m writing up a brief tutorial on how to make secure VoIP calls over a cjdns network (such as Hyperboria). Since cjdns encrypts everything end to end, there is no need to worry about ZRTP or other sorts of connection security. My computer is currently running Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty), but this should work with most distros (obviously the install commands may vary by distro). I assume you’ve already got cjdns installed and you’re able to use it to communicate with others. If not, take a look at the cjdns README, then come back.

The first step is pretty straight forward: Install linphone. On Ubuntu/Debian, this is as simple as

sudo apt-get install linphone

When that’s done, start it up. It’ll present you with this screen:

Linphone Startup Screen

Go ahead and hit cancel on that dialog. You will, unfortunately, need to do this every time. Linphone does not seem to offer an option to simply not annoy the user with the crappy account creation wizard, and since we’re doing direct peer-to-peer calls, you won’t have and account. The next step is to go into the Options menu and select Preferences at the top. The only change you should need to make is to check the checkbox under Transport labeled Use IPv6 instead of IPv4. You’ll also want to make sure that under NAT and Firewall on that same screen, Direct connection to the internet is selected so it doesn’t attempt to do any NAT hole punching or anything. My settings dialog looked like this when I was done:

Linphone Settings Screen

Now close settings and shut down Linphone (Options->Quit - mearly closing the window will cause it to hide itself in the notification area but still run) and reopen it. This is needed to make it bind to IPv6 instead of IPv4. To test, you can call my PBX. There are a few different addresses:


Will play a milliwatt tone, so you can judge the quality of the link. Note that my PBX is running on a shitty home network connection so link issues may be my end as well


Is a conference room. Maybe others will be in there!


Is a silly, mostly non-functional IVR menu I made. Most of the options don’t work.


Will call the IP phone on my desk. I can’t promise I’ll answer it. And someone else might decide to.

To call these, you simple place the address in the text box at the top of Linphone and hit the big green icon to the right of it.

Your identity is displayed at the bottom of linphone, and to call you one must simply enter that into their SIP client. Jitsi and other SIP clients should be able to interconnect with Linphone no problem, but I haven’t got a nice tutorial for setting all of those up.