First, demo: Domain Finder.

I have been frustrated a many times by Namecheap’s search interface, trying to suggest other domains to me and being clunky to search for one different TLDs. So I built a simple site to do what I wanted: Check one name against every TLD.

The code is pretty simple, it just downloads a list of TLDs from Namecheap and caches them (currently forever, something i’ve been meaning to change). Then the client gets a list of TLDs from the server (currently does not cache them, something that might be nice), and when it the user requests a domain name it checks it against every TLD it knows, in batches. Namecheap’s API docs don’t specify any maximum size of the request, but in testing requesting every TLD didn’t seem to work. I’ve been trying to determine the optimal batch size, so I’ve set it to randomize between 1 and 50 (for now) and record stats on the time it takes namecheap to respond. Once I’ve collected sufficient data I may change the range that the batch size can be or make it static.

The results are displayed in a simple list, with green boxes indicating availability. The links on the green boxes point to a NameCheap page to buy the domain, the links on the red boxes point to the domain on http.

Domain Finder Screenshot

Source on Github