Keybase, a site for matching handles to keys

I recently found out about Keybase. From what I gather, it’s a way to allow one to associate their PGP public key with their Twitter, Github, etc (only Twitter and Github are supported at this time, it seems). At first I thought it required you to trust Keybase, but after playing with it a little I realized that the keybase client actually does the verification. Basically, you post a signed message to your Github and Twitter which says what your username on that service is, your username on Keybase is, and that this is your key. Have a look at my Github verification for an example.

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New domain, New website

I’ve just picked up, and I decided it was time to redo my website. The old one looks hideous, and was all in PHP. This is a static site, generated with Jekyll (still playing with it, I think I like it though) then managed through git. I’m not sure where I want this site (and this domain) to be for yet, but I’m finding out. Starting with this blog post.

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