Hosting a Static Site on Kubernetes

I have recently deployed several static sites I manage, such as this blog, onto my new Kubernetes cluster. I have got it to the point that the build and deployment process is fully automated, so the only interactions required to update them is git commit and git push.

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Let's Encrypt and Nginx

Let’s Encrypt started handing out free TLS certificates signed by a certificate authority that almost every browser trusts. Their client currently doesn’t work well with nginx, and I’ve found myself explaining how to use it with nginx on IRC a number of times, so I decide to just write it up here.

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32C3 Torrent Feeds

The 32nd Chaos Computer Congress is going on right now, and they have all of the talks available in a variety of audio and video formats, and RSS feeds of these things, all on their media server. Unfortunately, there’s no feeds for the torrent files they provide, so I wrote up a quick web service to gather their feeds and convert them into torrent feeds.

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